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We offer the full range of web design and development services as well as digital marketing, app development and graphic design and are committed to providing amazing quality that will help your business to grow.

Website design


Professional WordPress website design and development services. We provide small businesses with affordable, custom and personalized websites that are tailored uniquely to your business or brand.

Social media


We can handle every aspect of your comprehensive social media strategy. We will discuss your brand and your goals with you and create a tailored action-plan that will help you to generate likes and shares quickly and effectively.

Mobile websites


These days, more and more users are browsing the web on mobile devices instead of desktop computers. This has changed the game as far as web design goes and it’s crucial to make sure your business is keeping up.

Email marketing


eMail Marketing is the most important marketing tool available. Business owners will almost always rank email marketing as one of the top strategies a local business can use to increase profits.

Search marketing


Search engine marketing offers fantastic ROI for businesses and webmasters. Once you’ve put in the ground work, you will have built a stable foundation that will ensure great visibility on the Search Engine Results Pages, which will in turn steadily drive traffic to your site for years to come.

Ecommerce store design


These days, more and more users are wanting to sell products via ecommerce stores, we have you covered and can build your store on any platform. It’s crucial to make sure your business is keeping up with the design element of ecommerce development. Feel free to get in touch.

Build Your Brand and Raise Awareness

Let us take care of your targeted Ads on Facebook. Generate Leads for you. Promote your content. Drive Brand Awareness via Facecbook advertising. Building your Facebook Fan Page. Get in touch today!

Do You Understand How To Market Yourself On Twitter Correctly? Let Us Show You How!

Let us take care of your Twitter campaign management and your audience. Do you get targeted followers? Let us at Purple Social Media take care of it all for you!


Are you after growing your business on Instagram? or are you in need of gaining more clients, if so get in touch with us today!


Join others with a better business image on LinkedIn, have us do your LinkedIn advertising, let us help your business get noticed by building your image and client base.

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